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Everything the light touches
50 shades of purple

An abundance of water



Being Me
  • Reflecting

    I wrote the following piece a while back, back when we were in the throes of Covid and when isolation, uncertainty and the lack of choice were all a constant ongoing reality. There is nowhere to go, where COVID19 isn’t on someone’s lips or on their mind. You see, even here, in the land ofContinue… Read more

  • Magic Morning

    An ode to waking up early It’s early. Dark out still, I can hear a gentle breeze rustle through the eucalyptus trees outside as it swirls around the yard. My alarm wakes me with a violence I am surprised by every morning. The magic of the morning doesn’t seem real yet – at least IContinue… Read more

  • The healing magic of the flowers

    Last year, while the world was burning and turning out of control, we took a break away. As we watched the deep and seemingly never ending pandemic take so much from those who had nothing to give. The southern parts of Namibia had received rain, while we hadn’t seen water from the sky in 7Continue… Read more

  • Things I notice about others

    I realized recently, after being deeply conscious about how I looked while meeting someone for the first time. I was so weary that they would notice the tightness in my pants, the functional shortness of my nails or the fact that since I’ve taken up running one of my toes is changing shape…. So, asContinue… Read more

  • Well, hi there!

    Welcome! This may be(come) a study of creativity, creation and dreaming or it may simply be a sinkhole of disorder and chaos. As I have become less “insert label here” and more woman, I have realised that there is a way of having all the things! Yes! ALL the things – there is a wayContinue… Read more